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Box Elder Credit Union is committed to protecting your financial and personal information. In addition to using the most recent technology to safeguard your personal information and privacy, we want to give you tools and information to protect yourself and your family from becoming victims of fraud. This page is constantly being updated with the latest information and alerts about fraudulent activity.

Box Elder Credit Union will never contact you and ask for your account number or PIN over the phone, via email, text message, or any other channel. If you are asked for this information via phone, email, or text message it is a scam.

If you think you may have been a victim of fraud contact us immediately.

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Fraud Monitoring Service

About Fraud Monitoring Services
Box Elder Credit Union contracts with a Risk Management Group which uses an intelligent risk management system that monitors, detects, and prevents on-going credit, debit & ATM card fraud. Accounts are evaluated on an individual basis 24/7 for activity that may indicate your card is being used fraudulently. Learn more>>>

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